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Natural Language Processing

NLP is area of computer science, where we teach computer to understand the the human language and perform some action. NLP area is not only about mathematical approach but also consider about linguistic knowledge.There could be lot things to talk about NLP, whenever you search something on web, in little place a bit of natural language processing is happening if you are putting a words form of ending considering on your search engine, if there spelling error has been corrected, synonyms been consider things like that but most exciting now days you can see lot of bigger application are using NLP and they are commercially successful.Online advertisement matching,sentiment analysis of market, speech recognition, Chatbots, dialogues agent, Ordering agent, controlling devices and many more.

Stages of NLP:

  1. Phonetics, Phonological analysis- How words are pronouns in terms of sequences and sound.
  2. Morphological Analysis- Individual words are analysis into their component and non word tokens, such as part of speech, ages, gender.
  3. Syntax Analysis- Different relationship between word in the sentence. Linear sequence of word are transformed into structure that show how the words are related to each other, like Object and subject.
  4. Semantic Analysis- The structure created by the syntactic analyser assigned meaning for that.
  5. Discourse Analysis- The meaning of the individual sentence may be depend on the sentence that proceed it and may influence the meaning of sentence which follow it.
  6. Pragmatic Analysis- The structure representing what was said is reinterpreted to determine what was actually meant.


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